Alessandra Valentina Maria Gelmi

Novelist, Poet, Playwright, Journalist, Professor

Excerpt from Who's Afraid of Red

"You see," she began, and turned her body to face him."Everyone must know what happened. Your story must be real, as only you can tell it, not just what you have seen with your eyes and heard with your ears but what you have felt. Your voice must be a clarion. Because the truth is far beyond journalism's grasp."


Excerpt from All That Happened

"The day was hot and dry like a extra thick towel you get at a good hotel, The Crillon or The Vendome in Paris.
They heat the towels for you there. When it is cold outside, when the day is the color of nickel, when the birds ne chantent plus. She read Beaudelaire. Comforts were not lost on her. Her father used to lock her in a cold cellar at night when she was nine for forgetting to feed the dog. She carried the cold in her bones."


Excerpt from Who's Afraid of Red

"She smelled of cardamom and linseed. Around her neck she wore a strand of Persian turquoise he'd brought from the States and hid in his pocket while traveling through Rwanda. If Hutus had seen it, they would have seized it. Very good turquoise, he had told Maria, no visible veins."

Excerpt from Who's Afraid of Red

"He woke at dawn and watched them sleep. He felt connected to Maria and Noel, the way the heart is connected to the lungs, the way the skin is an umbrella organ for systems of great magnitude.

He remembered the market smells, his first time in this small country, right in the heart of Africa, practically sitting on the equator. The smell of mildew, of charcoal-burned meat, of old sweat, tobacco and fruit rind. He remembered the terra cotta hills looming large from where he'd stood, the rooftops of palm and thatch. He remembered the piercing Rasta music. Now he had a daughter. He felt propelled like a chord sprung from a steel guitar."


Excerpt from Leon and Sylvia

"If I were the devil and I really wanted to punish you, I would give you great success in something you didn't believe in." In a red chemise, facing him, she added, "But then you don't believe in the devil, do you?"

"Women!" he bellowed. "Proud of this metaphysical power they assume they possess. Power to change a man! Talk about ego! Women need to know men don't change! -- And babe, I do believe in the devil! Look at my ex-wife and a few of the women I dated! They might as well cleave with goats!"

Alessandra Gelmi

Alessandra Gelmi
4201 Cathedral Avenue N.W #724E
Washington, D.C. 20016
202-364-3564 alessandragelmi@​


Marymount International High School, Rome, Italy, 1973
Saint Cecilia's Conservatory, Rome, Italy
Dartmouth College, 1976 (Exchange Student)
BA Barnard College, Columbia University, Departmental Honors, 1978
Boston University (Teaching Fellowship), Literary Criticism MA 1999

Journalism Experience

Special Interest Reports: The Epoch Times, 2008-present
Author: Two National Award-Winning Books Published 2007, 2009, and inclusion in Anthology of Washington Women Fiction Writers, Paycock Press 2012-New York Times Editors' Choice- "Amazing Graces"
Consultant: Rizzoli Magazines, 2001-2003
Reporter: The Washington Times, 1994-2001
Contributor: USA Today, 1993
Columnist: Washington Life, 1991
Critic: Hispanic Magazine, 1992
Consultant: Europe Magazine, 1993
Society Editor: Washington Dossier, 1987-1991
Reporter at Large: Rizzoli-Corriere Della Sera Group:
Seven Magazines, 1985-1993

Contributor: The New York Times, Mid-Atlantic Monthly, American Woman, Taxi, View, Islander, The Savannah Evening Press, Sports-Focus, Connecticut Magazine, The New York Post, Art/​New York, Washington Entertainment Magazine, Musician's Monthly, Museum and Arts, Museum, New York Magazine, New York Talk, Pronto, Acque e Terre, Italian Vogue, Army Navy News, The Columbia Spectator, The Los Angeles Times, Le Monde, Oggi.

Literary Publications

Mid-American Review, Western Humanities Review, Puerto Del Sol,Metrosphere Buffalo Spree, The North American Review*, RE:AL, White Pelican Review, Gargoyle 57, The Worcester Review

Literary Awards

1989 Source Theater Festival, Washington D. C.
First Prize for Falling Stars, performed by Equity cast at The National Theater
The Amy Loveman Literary Competition*, 1974, Columbia University
The Irene Leache Memorial Prize for Poetry, 1973, Norfolk, Virginia Pushcart Prize Nomination 2003
Bread Loaf Scholar

Professional Teaching Experience

Adjunct Professor: Montgomery College, 1995 (Writing)
Teaching Fellow: Boston University, 1994-1995 (Writing)
Instructor: Certified Learning Center, Bethesda, Md., 1992-1993
The Princeton Review, SAT Prep Course, NYC, 1985


Advisory Committee: San Remo Film Festival: Roberto Rossellini, 1978
Scriptwriter: A Theory of Love with Paul Wagner, 1985 Oscar-winning director of The Stone Carvers
Lyricist: BMI’s Two Year Musical Theater Program with Lehman Engel, NYC
Singer: SS Marconi, Italian Cruises, 1979
The Overlook, Hilton Head Resort, 1986
Disc Jockey:Concert Hour WQXR, NYC (FCC 3rd Class License)
Honorary Trustee: Notre Dame Institute for Catechetics
Barnard Varsity Crew, Swimming, Water-skiing, Skydiving
Leslie Fay Woman of the Year photographed by Francesco Scavullo for Vogue, Cosmo, and Harpers Bazaar, 1992 Campaign,
I Am Modern Woman profiled in I Am Modern Magazine, 2013

  • National Merit Scholar, Dartmouth College, Columbia University
  • Published in dozens of magazines and newspapers
  • Specializing in Cultural Affairs, Arts, Society, Philanthropy and Personality Profiles
  • Strong One-On-One Interviewing Skills
    Interviewed scores of major celebrities. Established professional rapports with royals, heads of state, professional athletes and Hollywood veterans, including: Stallone, Sadat, The Crown Prince of Greece, President De la Madrid of Mexico, Queen Maria Jose of Savoy, Dizzie Gillespie, King of Lesotho, Prince Bander of Saudi Arabia, Audrey Hepburn, Hunter Thompson, Coretta Scott King, Sammy Davis Junior, James Dickey, Fabio, Reggie Jackson, Foreign Minister Guilio Terzi of Italy (2012) et al.
  • Reported (“Special Reports”) 8 years for the Leading Conservative U.S. Daily (The Washington Times)
  • Reported for the Nation’s Largest Daily Newspaper (USA Today)
  • Reported for the L.A. Times
  • White House Press Credentialed and Metropolitan D.C, Police Press Credentialed (contingent upon renewal)
  • Twenty Five Years Journalism Experience
  • Internationally Published Journalist
    U.S. Special Correspondent for Rizzoli publications
    Bylined (cover stories) for Oggi, leading Italian weekly on pop culture, circulation million+, Bylined in Le Monde
  • Awarded National Teaching Fellowship in Writing:
    Studied under the umbrella of three Nobel Laureates
    First piece of fiction published in The North American Review
  • Served on the Faculty of a Major American University
    Rated outstanding teacher in student polls
    Studied, lectured or taught at 13 colleges and universities
  • Published Lyricist:
    Borne from The BMI Musical Theater Workshop in New York City, under the direction of Lehman Engel, “A Chorus Line” emerged from this workshop
  • National Award Winning Poet:
    First Collection: Soul Bait: Published poems archived at Bowdoin College, Dartmouth College, Boston University and Columbia University
  • Novelist: Who’s Afraid of Red, A love story between a divinity student and a Rwandan refugee set in the 1990
  • Voted One of the Most Beautiful Women in America 1992 Leslie Fay Ad Campaign
    Featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Harpers Bazaar, Working Woman
  • Prizewinning Playwright:
    Falling Stars performed at The Source Theater and The National Theater, He and She performed at The Source
  • Languages:French, Italian, Spanish, Lakota
  • Donor:WETA (President’s Club), Dartmouth Alumni Fund, Equine Rescue League, Easton Hospital Auxiliary, Retirement Fund for the Religious, Friends of Homeless Animals, Mercy Center-Kenya, Georgetown Visitation Preparatory School, Annunciation School, The Hospices of the National Capital Region, Vincentian Missionary Fund, Maria Madre de los Pobres, El Salvador, Nyumbani Village, Kenya, Humane Society of the United States, Physicians for Responsible Medicine, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, Washington Animal Rescue League

*The North American Review, with The Atlantic and The New Yorker,
received The National Magazine Award for Fiction in 1988

*Loveman was a longtime editor of The Saturday Review

Selected Works

"An eye-opening account of the Rwandan genocide"
Hachette Filipacchi

"Her facility with words astonishes"
World Magazine

"A penetrating, intelligent voice for the age. Gelmi fearlessly tackles the vagaries of male-female courtship"
Vision Magazine

Norman Mailer

"A Provocative Reading Experience. A slim but pithy read. A page a day would be an education for most."
–P. Cajati of The Womens' National Book Association

"Alessandra has written a very thought-provoking and philosophical read."
Kristie Ingerto, Readers' Favorite
Book Awards 2014

“Very Interesting”
–Leon Wieseltier, The New Republic

"Perfect Images"
The Partisan Review

–Écrits des Forges

"Very impressive"
–Robert Richman,
Poetry Editor,
The New Criterion

"Alessandra Gelmi has an incredible talent for voice, irony and image"
Gail Wickman, Readers' Favorite Book Awards 2014